Jennifer Cortez

Supported by a Dean's Merit Fellowship and the Rubén Salazar Scholarship from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, I am presently pursuing a master’s degree at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism.

This past summer, I reported for Mission Local — a hyperlocal news site in San Francisco's Mission District.

Prior to grad school, I taught English II-III, Journalism I-IV and advised the school newspaper at La Quinta High School, where I was recognized as Teacher of the Year.

The unifying thread that runs through my life is doing good work alongside good people. I am fascinated and invigorated by the idiosyncrasies of the world and the people in it. This has manifested in delightfully different ways throughout my life: as a student, an educator, journalist, and a storyteller behind the camera.

Simply put: I love stories, questions, exclamation marks, and hearing stories and facts from strangers.

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